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In your case, we will take the time needed to fully understand your situation. We will learn about your family, and your concerns and anxieties. We will also learn about your hopes for the future and the direction you want your life to take in the coming years.
We will then explain your legal options, their likely outcomes and what our firm can do to help you build a better life for yourself and your family. Based on your wishes, we will work to achieve your goals.

In many cases, achieving your goals will mean developing an overall solution through negotiation with the attorney for your spouse. A negotiated settlement can provide many advantages — giving you greater control over the outcome, with less financial cost and emotional stress than a court fight.
Our firm can also counsel and represent you in mediation, which provides many of the same benefits as a negotiated solution. If the situation is such that litigation cannot be avoided, we will assertively represent you to protect your rights and achieve your goals.
Your future may seem uncertain at this point. With the help of Pickett Law Firm, you can make a successful transition to life after divorce.
Sometimes, what starts out as an uncontested divorce can turn into a serious dispute over children or how to divide property. If you hire us to handle your uncontested divorce and a dispute arises, we can apply your retainer to resolving the contested matter through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

  • Alimony

  • Post-divorce modifications in custody

  • Post-divorce modifications in child support

  • ​Domestic violence

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We counsel and represent clients in all types of family law and divorce matters, including:

At Pickett Law Firm, we understand the unique aspects of military divorce law in Florida. Civil actions are delayed for military personnel overseas. Additionally, military pensions and benefits may affect your divorce settlement. Your Neptune Beach military divorce attorney will diligently protect your rights and interests throughout your divorce.

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Divorce is a time of stress and uncertainty. At Pickett Law Firm, PLLC, our Jacksonville divorce lawyers are dedicated to providing you with sensitive and compassionate legal service when you need it most. At our firm, we help people deal successfully with the emotional, financial and practical problems that accompany the breakup of a marriage. We guide our clients through the divorce process by developing solutions that enable them to move forward in life in the most positive way possible.

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